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Industrial Cleaning

Sherwood Services have been providing total facility care and cleaning solutions to Industrial Facilities since 1998.

Industrial Facilities require a clean and well maintained premises to ensure the production and operations run smoothly. Through our CompuServe Solutions Management Software we custom design and maintain the right cleaning system for each facility. With our efficient and flexible Industrial Cleaning Services, your facility will be well maintained because we have an understanding of your individual and special needs.

We offer our services to manufacturing plants, transportation and distribution centers, automotive industries, food processing centers as well as any other types of industrial companies.

Sherwood Services offers:

  • Customized Industrial Cleaning Services
  • Customized Budget Solutions
  • Web-based Quality Control
  • Web-based Work Order System for Customer Communications
  • Cost And Time Efficiency
  • Hands On Supervisors
  • Work force With Independent Certified Training
  • Cleaning for Health Systems
  • 24 Hour Service

Our Cleaning For Health Systems provides a process focused on providing you with a healthy indoor environment. Indoor Air Quality is one of the most important environmental issues in our lives today. Diseases linked to Indoor Air Quality include asthma, allergies and lung disease.

Cleaning For Health Systems is a process that reduces negative impacts of cleaning on health and the environment. While product selection is important, procedures for a healthy indoor environment are equally important, and perhaps more so. The combination of our green certified cleaning products, equipment and procedures provides you and the visitors of your facility the comfort of knowing you are in a healthy environment.

Our well trained and experienced workforce uses highly effective cleaning procedures that deliver timely, quality results. With our knowledge, experience and use of the most current management technologies you can expect nothing less than the best from us. We cater to our clients per their schedules ensuring their production is never affected in any way. Our Industrial Cleaning Services will guarantee that your property is maintained in top-notch shape creating the kind of image you want to build for your brand. We take the burden of regular maintenance and janitorial cleaning from your shoulders so you can focus on more important tasks at hand.

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