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Health Care Cleaning

Health care-associated infections (HAIs) continue to plague facilities in the United States.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that one out of every 20 patients will become infected with an HAI. So, Cleanliness is not a luxury in the Healthcare Industry; it is an absolute necessity. Healthcare Facilities require a much higher standard of clean to prevent the spread of disease and infection. It takes the right products and skill to properly clean and sanitize a medical based environment.

We understand the utmost importance of a sanitary environment in your facility to protect both staff and patients, and are well prepared and experienced to handle the job.

In addition, we understand that every healthcare facility has specific needs and procedures. We collaborate with your facility managers, and staff to develop a best practices cleaning and quality control program. Over time, our team leaders continue to work closely with you seeking ways to keep improving the cleaning of your healthcare facility while keeping your costs down.


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