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Commercial Services

Sherwood Services offers customized commercial cleaning and janitorial services for offices and commercial complexes.

We are highly trained and qualified to carry out any and all building maintenance and cleaning duties for a commercial property. We are so confident and dedicated to our services that they all come with a Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our goal is to exceed our clients' expectations. Our focus is quality, professionalism, responsiveness, consistency and integrity. It’s obvious that it takes a strong commitment to direct management in order to develop a close rapport with individuals involved in every project we have been awarded. Sherwood Services understands that clients appreciate personal attention and a service flexible to their needs. This is where our management comes in!

What does this boil down to? We take pride in what we do!

You have to admit that everyone likes consistency. It’s never a pleasant experience to constantly remind someone to do something important. As a janitorial company, cleanliness is our responsibility. This means what’s important must be done on a consistent basis.

That’s why our employees are trained and know daily basis what to do, what chemicals to use and the frequency of when to perform those duties.

For example:

What day or days of the week to buff or wax floors or to scrub the warehouse and even as small yet significant as when to dust that desk.

It doesn’t stop there. We make sure we follow all the rules and guidelines of the business. So, there’s never an issue when it comes to state and government regulations such as OSHA and other monitoring agencies.

Everyone needs accountability.

We perform regularly scheduled audits by members of management to ensure our high cleaning standards are kept. Supervision, accountability and attention to detail are our standards.

No matter how good the cleaning crew is, the cleaning quality will drop off over time if nobody checks the work, and checking the work is the only proven way for us to control the quality you receive, period! With this full service janitorial benefit, we have the privilege of speaking to you personally concerning any issues , ideas or even extra services that you may desire.

It is our goal is to not only clean your facility but to improve your facility. The good news to you is we develop comprehensive, environmentally friendly solutions that meet your budgetary constraints and company specifications.

Whether it’s reducing employee sick days through infection control and sanitization, extending the life of your commercial facility and floor surfaces, or using environmentally healthy products, we understand the power of a clean and healthy work environment. Not only that, but we listen to your unique needs and can provide specialty services ranging from light maintenance to carpet spot removal. This is how Sherwood Services can truly offer total facilities care.


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