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About Sherwood Services

Sherwood Services will instill pride back into your facilities by ...

scheduling your restroom cleaning with such frequency that they will always look and smell clean, by ensuring that your floors are shiny even around the edges, and by responding quickly to cleaning emergencies that are bound to happen in any facility.

We will coordinate our cleaning schedule to your specific needs and frequency. Many of the facilities we service are in operation 24 hours a day. We understand that you cannot stop for us to clean, therefore we instruct our employees to work around your personnel.

about Sherwood

Sherwood Services History

Sherwood Services, Inc., “Total Facilities Care”  was incorporated in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1998. Through the years, we have cleaned many facilities where the previous janitorial providers showed no pride in providing exceptional service, and their cleaning efforts were mediocre and inconsistent.

Sherwood Services operates with a vision to provide "Total Facilities Care" in all commercial, health care, industrial, and educational facilities. We excel in challenging environments, where the average janitorial service just can’t cut it.

With years of experience, the corporation has grown to provide excellent janitorial services to large clients nationwide. Integrity in business, excellence in service, respect for employees, and commitment to customers are the building blocks of Sherwood Services, Inc.

Sherwood Services, Inc. is rapidly expanding yet seeks to continue to provide excellence in all that we do.

Sherwood Services Products & Procedures

In an effort to better our environment and improve the facilities we clean, we have partnered with Supply Companies that utilize Green Solutions and Clean by Peroxy lines. Many of the products in these lines are Green Seal certified. Our cleaning products reduce exposure to harmful chemicals that can endanger you and your employee.

Employees and customers will appreciate knowing that “green” practices and environmentally friendly cleaning products are used in your facility. In the medical facilities we service, we provide comprehensive sanitizing, anti-bacterial and anti-viral cleaning.

Sherwood Services Employees

In the janitorial industry many companies resort to hiring people who are paid minimum wage and often have “baggage” in their past. Before Sherwood Services hires an employee, we perform a thorough background check to ascertain whether the employee meets our rigid requirements. We also ensure that our employees are legal to work in the U.S.

After the employee is hired, they are provided with extensive training in everything from proper cleaning techniques and customer interaction, to personal safety.

(We pay our employees more than those at typical janitorial maintenance companies. We have found this to give customers peace of mind from knowing that we typically provide competent employees with better work ethics.)

Sherwood Services Management

We manage our business, understanding that you do not have the time to help us perform “our” job. Therefore, Sherwood Services performs regularly scheduled local, regional and corporate audits, to ensure that local standards are in line with our high corporate expectations.

Sherwood Services Serving:
Industrial Facilities, Manufacturing Plants, Distribution Centers, Corporate Centers, Office Buildings, Health Care Facilities, Financial Institutions

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